We are planning a 20 year nature restoration project across Penicuik Estate to proactively respond to the climate and biodiversity emergencies. We plan to achieve this by providing nature based solutions at scale.

Nature restoration is rooted in our history. Sir John Clerk (2nd Baronet) was the first person in Scotland to improve land by planting trees and designing wild open spaces. During his lifetime (1676 –1755) he planted an astonishing 600,000 trees, and this tradition was continued by the family, who have planted over 3 million trees at Penicuik Estate over hundreds of years.

Our nature-based solutions

We are working to become the UK’s first Estate to achieve FSC accreditation for Ecosystem Services


Fast forward 20 years, we hope to achieve...


Of peatland restored
Woodland transformed to

North Esk riparian
habitat restored
New footpaths created
or upgraded
Rhododendron ponticum

 removed from woodland
enhancement from

poor to moderate
Non-native conifer
Native trees planted
Tonnes of carbon to be
stored over 100 years
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